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These pages are dedicated to the men/women in the Armed Forces in World War II. If you find anyone in your family in one of the photographs please send me an email and let me know what has happened to the individual since WWII.
If anyone would have WWII pictures and would like them added to this webpage please feel free to contact me or email a copy of the picture to me.

Below are a few pictures of the Honor Roll Boards errected in honor of WW II Service Men and Women.

WWII Honor Roll Board located in Enterprise, West Virginia

WWII Honor Roll Board located in Enterprise, West Virginia

WWII Honor Roll Board located in Owings, West Virginia

WWII Honor Roll Board for Clay District, located in Shinnston, West Virginia

Veterans Memorial located on Pike Street in Shinnston, West Virginia
The following pages contain pictures taken from Newspaper clippings of Members of the Armed Forces. My mother clipped pictures and articles about everyone she knew from the local Newspapers and put them in a scrape book. I thought there may be others that may know or want to see pictures of their friends or loved ones. I will appologize for the conditions of some of the pictures. Of course the clippings are over 55 years old.
Page 1
Coleman, Rogers, Spadafore, Richards, Wagner, Brown, Dennison, Markley, Prince, Nutter, Dennison, Radcliffe, Olando, Richards, Riblet, Tokarcik, Snider, Nose, Swan, Moffett, Alvaro, McIntyre, Buffington, Brown, Holden, Richards, Rhoades, Morano, Robinson, Musrock.
Page 2
Romine, Roy, Rexroad, Romano, Ryan, Rodgers, Robinson, Robey, Renzelli, Parker, Rogers, Rough, Williams, Morgan, Rossano, Rogers, Roach, Patton, Oliverio, Robey, Rossano, Westbrook, Bramer, Robinson, Powell, Robbins, Swan, Rogers, Husted, Gerrard.
Page 3
Fratto, Haymond, Hudkins, Hollen, Haseldon, Herrod, Hurst, Gain, Echols, Howell, Fiber, Engle, Gump, Flint, Haymond, Henry, Hall, Fox, Furbee, Hall, Fowler, Davis, Dyer, Jackson, Pearcy, Rollins, Cutright, Suttle, Stewart, Stalensky.
Page 4
Smith, Post, Snyder, Brown, Combs, Dieson, Bell, Snyder, Laugherty, Benedum, Reed, Daugherty, Andrews, Hathaway, Robey, Poffenbarger, Swiger, Powell, Limpert, Post, Merrill, Campbell, Maybaury, Bunnell, Davis, Devericks, Day, Bartlett, Mayfield, Divers.
Page 5
Knight, Scarcella, Lynch, Westfall, Donahoe, Drummond, Dennison, Dennison, Davis, Dyer, Jackson, Pearcy, Rollins, Brannon, Bunnell, Cottrill, Carrico, Cochran, Bramer, Beverage, Coathers, Clevenger, Conley, Chapman, Cooper, Chenoweth, Cox, Currey, Critchfield, Coberly.
Page 6
Crislip, Carr, Chalfant, Cox, Currey, Witt, Broadwater, Bonnell, Blankship, Bishop, Broadwater, Broslawsky, Burkhart, Bryan, Bonasso, Broslawsky, Bartlett, Bennett, Barrick, Bucklew, Bitonti, Bartos, Burrows, Miles (KIA) 
Page 7
Sleeth, Shaw, Watson, Sakeley, Wilson, Stanley, Sherman, Wyatt, Smith, White, Snyder, Stockwell, Whiteman, Smith, Watkins, Weekley, Sheets, Wright, Stout, Walker, Wash, Skidmore, Walsh, Trocino, Talkington, White, Wiseman, Westfall, Trocino, Ventura.
Page 8
Wilson, Williams, Watkins, Trusler, Veith, Walls, Thorne, Williams, Tipper, VanMeter, Williams, Vanscoy, Stout, Fortney, Washburn, White, Wolfe, Wright, Thompson, Webb, Wallace, Watkins, Thompson, Bias, Bartlett, Belotte, Burnside, Bartlett, Bartlett.
Page 9
Bower, Binegar, Boyce, Blakesmith(2), Barton, Beebe, Belotte, Bramer, Barnett, Moore, Bice, Skidmore, Fultz, Fultz, Skelly, Westfall, Bonner, Deem, Westfall, Skidmore, McDaniel, Rogers, McFadden, Harris, Hurst, Green Reger, Morrison, Westfall, Shingleton. 
Page 10
Drummond, Jones, Romano, Hurst, Westfall, Clifton, Tate(#1), Tate(#2), Tate(#3), Tate(#4), Yoke, Griffin, Kocinec, Hardman, Hardman, DeWitt, Moscar, Sothern, Gatrell, Lucas, Jenkins, Burnett, Mobley, Antutov, Zitella, Jay
Page 11
Kellison, Johnson, kacinec, Davis Jr., Kacinec, Alonso, Moscar, Stenger, Yoke, edgell, stansel, Trupo, Saccone, Norman Jr., Shuttlesworth, Bunnell, Tingler, Arco, Peet, Olivero, Jefferies, Simon, Swiger, Meredith, Brown, Sheets, Peet, Williams, Clifton.
Page 12
Coffindaffer, Coffindaffer, Goodnight, Chadwell, Eavenson, Fowler, Gabriel, Cunningham, George, Echols, Emerson, Edge, Funk, Griffin, Gum, Farnsworth, Eck, Fazio, Golden, Eck, Grimes, Galvin, Exum, Fowler, Farnsworth, Fazio, Golden, Gonzalez, Long, Riley
Page 13
Ehols, Garcia, Hathaway, Hetterman,Ash, Coffindaffer, Golden, Farnsworth, Fernandez, Adams, Bramer, Lough, Fortney, Aiello, Ash, Powell, Blake, Harbert, Aiello, Gaines, Fox, Riley, Fultz, Andrews, Tichenor, Stout, Miller, Ayers, Hogue, Bramer
Page 14
Leullette, Leullette, Haggerty, Golden, Miller, Harrison, Hefner, Roupe, Poling, NOrman, Gabriel, Heidelmeier, Poling, Matish, Creamer, Reed, Creamer, richards, Matish, Swan, Flesher, Hachat, Morgan, Bosley, Richards, Davis, Sherbs, Robinson, Miller
Page 15
Scarcella Brothers, Iaquinta, McWhorter, Nutter, Nuzum, Rule, Iaquinta, McKinley, Nery, Nuzum, Gandy, Isner, McCoy, Nicholson, Orr, Joseph, Ice, McVicker, Nuzum, Gango, Lantz, McNemar, McVaney, Nicholson, McMicken, McCue, HIckman, Boyce
Page 16
Schweinebraten, White, Ryan, Smith, Beane, Minter, Nicholson, Fazio, Gillispie, Beane, Goff, Flynn, Rogers, Goff, Cantarelli, Somers, Wood, Pollock, Crummitt, Farnsworth, Fernandez, Radecliffe, Stutler, Petro, Adams, Eckard.
Page 17
Jeffies, McNemar, Moore, Robey, St. Mary's Hospital Unit, Johnson, Enoch Brothers, Taylor, Hanlan, Melenick Brothers, Yock, Pulice, Rota Brothers, Lockhart, Tetrick, Rector, Stonebreaker Brothers, Durmmond, Uss Perkins, Radford, Drake, Holbert, Seifert, Consol List, Consol Picture Board, Rollins J., Rollins T., Grady R., Stiles E., Stiles D., Haskins, Holbert, Wilt E., Williams, Pearcy, Sutphin.
Page 18

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