My Chronicle for 2018
by Richard R. Wilt

January 1, 2018
00:00AM Watched the Ball drop over Times Square. It was in the lower teens in NYC. Watched Kennedy (Montgomery) and Jessie Watters from 11 until midnight. It was extremely cold, I don't see why anyone would stand out in the cold to just watch the ball drop and say they were in NYC for New Year's Eve.

1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed. Watch old series "Twilight Zone", great show.
Things that I want to obtain during 2018. Don't know if I will get them or not but maybe some of them:
1: Crock Pot Got on January 13th
2: Small freezer
3: LDG Antenna Tuner
4: Linear Amplifier (600 watts)
5: Build a Radio shack shelf
6: Get a walk in tub installed in the front bath room and have the sewer repaired as needed.Found to be to much money. May check at a later date and see if I can get a handy man to do it on a hourly basis and buy the parts at Lowe's
7: Two chairs for the kitchen

12:00PM Slept in, up and about took Bella outside. It rained during the night and everything is wet. It is also very chilly, temperature is 50 degrees. Very gloomy day. A good way to start a new year. It is a reminder of how bad the weather is up north.
1:00PM Had a bowl of cereal, took a couple pork chops out of the freezer to have later today.
5:00PM Had a couple pieces of pork. Decided not have any black eyed peas, just a cup of coffee and relax and watch the weather.
7:00PM Called Barb and talked to her for a while. She said it was down to -11 degrees early this morning. I am happy I am in Florida.
8:00PM Eric is really worried about his plants with the cold spell. Predicting possibly freezing tonight.
9:00PM Cant' quite figure out the variations in the temperatures. The wind whips up to around 10 mph and the temperature drops quickly to the low 30s and when the wind stops the temperatures go back up to the high 30s.
9:30PM Took the garbage out to be picked up tomorrow. The wind is really cold and there is some rain. 37 degrees

January 2, 2018
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed. Temperature 35.2 degrees.
12:00PM Up and about, very chilly outside, lots of wind and drizzle. Took Bella outside. All night long could here the bumping and noise of the wind on my roof.
12:30PM Checked all of my antennas, and everything looks OK with no damage of any kind. Could see that the wind was moving my verticals back and forth.
1:00PM Starting texting, Tyler and Kit. Passed several texts. Tyler seems to be down or maybe it is only cabin fever. I hope he gets things straightened out and starts looking up for him. Kit told me she and Walter on going on a cruise oh Jan 7th and be gone for a week.
4:00PM Fixed myself a big steak and some red potatoes. Really good food.
7:00PM Barb called and we talked for a little while. She was telling me how cold it is in WV and that they have around 6 inches of snow on the ground and it is supposed to snow again tonight.
7:30PM Decided to not go to the LARC meeting. I will have to send them my dues.
11:00PM Talked to Eric, he is worried about his plants, but he will get through it.

January 3, 2018
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
3:00AM Warmer tonight than last night. 48.0 degrees. I think the wind is the difference. No heavy winds tonight.
10:15AM Still raining and the phone rang from 304 617 0329 and I did not recognize the number so I did not answer. Figured it was just one of those robo calls.
12:00PM the rain has stopped and the sun is out so things will start to dry up a little.
1:00PM Took Bella outside, very windy and still cool, in low 50s. Did have a little water in the Florida Room, looks like I haven't found and fixed the leak yet.
2:00PM Decided to call the two numbers that called this morning. One was one of those robo calls wanting to sell me something. The other was Varsity Place Huntington, WV. Varsity Place is a rental company controlling several apartment rentals in Huntington. As far as the young man that answered, Trevor, there was no reason they would be calling me. Maybe will find out in the future why.
7:00PM Called Barb and Dana was there and she said she would call me back.
7:30PM Barb called and we talked for over 1/2 hour.
9:00PM Texted with Eric several times about the temperature and whether his plants would make it. I told him I put a box over my water service with a 150watt bulb under the box.

January 4, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
3:10AM Checked the temperature and it is 31.3 degrees.
12:00PM Up and about, took Bella outside and my banana tree looks like it is completely gone. Leaves look like they are frozen.
4:00PM Going to the bank to deposit $6213.02 from my checking account in Huntington Bank. I have to call Huntington and desolve or cancel my account in Huntington Bank.
5:00PM Returned from the Bank and the grocery store. Putting things away and fixing myself something to eat for supper.
7:00PM Called Barb.We talked for a while.

January 5, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
2:30AM Temperature is 36.7 degrees. Doesn't look like it is going to be a cold tonight as last night.
11:00AM Up and about, took Bella outside, temperature is 51 degrees.
12:00PM Had cereal with bananas for lunch.
4:00PM Snacked for supper, will eat something a little later.
6:30PM Received a call from American Standard Tubs in California. I had made some inquiries on line about the cost of walk in tubs and they were calling to sell me a American Standard walk in tub. Since I live in a MH and don't own the land they can not finance it. Also told me it would cost between $12,000.00 and $16,000.00. I think I can get it done for a whole lot less.
7:00PM Called Barb and talked.
9:00PM Eric text me Kennie Lee Sirk died this morning. He was 89 years old. He died of Brain Cancer. He must have been eaten up with cancer. He has had cancer for at least 18 years.

January 6, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
11:00AM Received a call from Koler walk in tubs and made an arrangement for them to come by on Monday at 2PM to give me an estimate on putting in the tub.
11:30AM Koler called back and changed the estimate until Tuesday at 2PM.
2:00PM Called Huntington and cancel my account and they said I would get the paperwork notifying me of the closed accounts.
6:00PM Called Millie and talked to her until 6:30PM.
7:00PM Fixed something to eat, beef hash w/potatoes.
7:10PM Barb called and we talke for a while.

January 7, 2018
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed. Temperature is 42.8
11:00AM up and about, took Bella outside, nice day.
12:00PM Had cereal w/banana for lunch.
3:00PM Received text from Kit, she and Walter were on the ship getting ready to go on their cruise. They should be back next Sunday.
6:50PM Text Eric, he just woke up from a nap and is on his way to pick up Josh from work.
7:00PM Called Barb and we talked for a while, temperature are in the teens now and expecting freezing rain and possibly snow tonight.
9:00PM Watching TV movie.

January 8, 2018
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to to bed.
11:00AM Up and about, took Bella outside, looks like it is going to be a very nice day.
12:00PM Had some cereal w/banana for lunch.
1:30PM Received a call from Koler about someone coming tomorrow to give me an estimate to install a walk in tub. After a short conversation the girl told me it would be in the area of $20,000.00 for a new walk in tub in my bathroom. That price is ridiculous and I told her so she said she was canceling the estimator from coming tomorrow.
2:45PM Simplisafe called and I missed the call, will call them later.
4:51PM Called the control center for Simplisafe and I told them my concerns about alerts not appearing on my list of events (8 am December 15, 2017) on the web site, so she turned off the response of any alerts to the control center and wanted me to run tests on my system. The response will be turned off until 5:08PM.
5:00PM I checked and activated all of the censors and they all worked so I called the control center back and was told that all of the alerts came through and my system was working.
5:15PM Went to the Simplisafe website and checked my event log and the events did register at the control center.
6:30PM Fixed myself a steak with red potatoes.
7:00PM Called Barb and we talked for a while. The weather there is terrible. She says it has been raining, sleeting, and snowing all day long and it is cold.
9:00PM Watching TV and playing on the computer as I do every night.

January 9, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
9:30AM Safestep called about someone coming here this afternoon to look at the installation of a walk in tub. I told them that I was think to put in a shower other than a walk in tub.
12:40PM Morgan Exteriors Inc called to confirm some to come out at 6PM to look and give me an estimate.
3:40PM Safestep called back and told me that they would give me a ball park price of $11,000.00 to $14,000.00 for a shower an I gold them it was to much.
3:45PM Millie called and we talked for an hour.
5:30PM Simplisafe called and was looking at my request and questions about the system working correctly. She had me first remove the batteries and move the unit and I put it in the bed room and the signal was bad there also. Then moved the unit between the kitchen and the living room and it works OK so will leave it there but Simplisafe is sending me a new chip changing my service to another cell phone service because the believe it is my service and not the unit of reporting to the control center.
6:00PM Representative from Morgan Exteriors Inc arrived to make measurements and give me an estimate.
6:15PM Simplisafe called and told me that everything seems to be working properly now.
7:00PM Barb called but the estimator was here so will call her back.
8:00PM I signed the contract and it was $8749.00 and I gave him a check for $2900.00 and the remainder will be due when the job is finished. Workers will come tomorrow afternoon to make final measurements so they can order the custom fit shower pad and enclosure and will start the installation in a few weeks.
8:10PM Called and talked to Barb, told her about how much I spent. Maybe I will feel sorry about spending all that money for a shower but I won't have to use the bathtub, which I do not like.
9:00PM Watching TV. Just wondering, did I make a mistake getting the shower installed in the bathroom. I should recover when I get my income tax back.

January 10, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
10:30AM Up and about, took Bella outside, drizzle and a wet mist with fog and a slight breeze.
2:00PM While opening the screens in the Florida room a gray van stopped in front. I walked out to see what they wanted and it was a man and his wife that lives at 40 Hill Street, just a few units down the street. His first name is Pedro and he is a ham and was interested in my antennas. His call sign is NP4PF and he is from Puerto Rico and appears moved here after Maria hit PR and married a local lady. They both seem very nice. I brought them in the house and showed them my set up.
6:00PM Was expecting a call from Morgan Exteriors for some measurements but never received a call and no one showed up. They have my $2900.00 and now they will be a little slower. I expected that.
7:00PM Called Barb and we talked for a while.
9:00PM Watching TV, I have the windows open tonight. I would like to see much more weather like this for quite a while, but I know it can't last.

January 11, 2018
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
9:30AM Up and about, giving tought about the remodeling of the shower in the bathroom. I called and talked to Jason and told him that I still wanted the shower but I could not get the financing to complete the installation. He offered to give me back my money but he suggessed that they could give me financing for the remainder of the $5840.00. I gave him my information and he said he would submit it to the finance company and the payments sould be around $90.00 and I figure I can handle that except it would probably be for 8 years. We will see what they offer me and if the payment is around the $90.00 mark I will go ahead.
10.00AM Took Bella outside, opened up the screens in the Florida and leaving the sliding door open. Temperatures are great, 71.7 degrees. Waiting for the call from Jason at Morgan Exteriors.
3:00PM Took a shower, don't know when Jason will call back because I assume he has to contact the finance company and give them my information to approve the loan.
4:00PM Watching Judge Judy. I believe I will wait to go to the store tomorrow. I'll finish up the milk and I have more than enough for supper tonight. Will go over my supplies to see what I have to buy tomorrow. If I get the energy I will go to Walmart tomorrow and get a crock pot and a water hose. Walmart has crock pots on sale for $9.88 and I think that is what I will get.
6:45PM Eric called he is back home from the funeral. He said the only people there that he new was Carolyn and her daughter Michelle Johnson. He didn't say if anyone else from the family came to the funeral. He said he took a picture of Kennie in the casket and wondered if he should send it to Alecia. I told him to message her and ask if she would want it. I also asked himto send me the picture.
7:00PM Called Barb and we talked for a while.
8:00PM Watching Tucker, I figure Eric is also watching him.

January 12, 2018
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
11:00AM Have been pounding and banking from the unit across the right a way. Up and about, took Bella outside. Looks like they are doing some remodeling or some repairs on the unit next door. Beautiful day.
12:00PM Had some cereal for lunch. Going to have to go to the store today sometime.
5:00PM Have been watching the work crew at my neighbors. I think they were replacing floors since they carried in several pieces of plywood, and it looks like they put in some vinyl flooring. They were quite noisy, 3 men and 1 woman.
6:00PM Watching local news. Some young man age 20 from Ft. Richey won the Mega Millions (he got lump sum of 281.800,000.00) lucky young man and I hope he spends it wisely.
6:30PM Fixed Tacos and had them for supper.
7:00PM Barb called before I could call her.
8:00PM Decided to bake some cinnamon rolls. Have to go to the store tomorrow. Need milkd and some of the other necessities.
9:00PM Watching TV.

January 13, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
11:00AM Up and about, took Bella outside, overcast and cool today. Temperature 50.2 degrees.
3:15PM Going to Walmart to pick up a crock pot and a water hose. Had problem setting the alarm, the front door would not latch and kept setting off the alarm.
6:30PM Back from Walmart and also went to Harvey's and bought groceries.
7:00PM Called Barb, she said the weather had turned bad overnight. It was nearly 60degrees yesterday and it was only 17 degrees when I talked to her.
9:00PM Temperature is dropping here, down to the 40s already. Had to turn the heat on.

January 14, 2017
00:00AM Temperature is down to 43.3 degrees. I don't think the banana tree will be hurt tonight so won't cover the tree. It will probably be colder tomorrow night.
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
6:30AM Received a text from Kit they were back in port and she had service.
11:00AM Up and about, took Bella outside. Nice weather but a little cool.
2:00PM Kit text, she and Walt were home and unpacking and getting settled in after their cruise.
4:00PM Fixed myself a piece of steak and cut it up and had a nice steak salad.
6:00PM Checked Exp/Tel Obituaries and found out Skip died (George Edward Wilt 1938-2018). He will be at Davis Funeral Home.
7:00PM Barb called and I told her about Skip dying. The Wilts are just dying one right after another.
7:10PM Text Kit and told her that Skip died.
8:00PM Messaged Amber Wilt to tell her Skip had died and she said that she didn't even know him. I hope she tells the rest of the family that she has contact with.
9:00PM Watching TV. Took garbage and recycle out to the curb.

January 15, 2017
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
9:00AM Received a text from Kit and a call from Morgan Exteriors. Didn't get up to answer the text or call.
10:00AM Text Kit back with more information about Skip. Called Morgan Exteriors and they said that the finance company would not approve the loan on a MH. Looks like a campaign including the insurance, finance, and state of Florida all not encouraging anyone in MH to improve or get anything to cover MH in Florida. Took Bella outside. Nice but cool day.
12:00PM Had some cereal for lunch.
5:32PM Received a text from Mike wanting to know where I am staying in Ft Myers.
6:45PM Called Mike to let him know when I will be arriving and where I am staying. He said he wants to take Jerry and Pat and I out to dinner.
7:45PM Called Rick Robinson to check if they would be available on Sunday. He said they would be home on Sunday.
8:30PM Eric text and I text him to give me a call when he gets a chance. Want to see if I have enough in stock to feed Johnathan while he is here while I am gone.
8:50PM Millie called and we talked until Eric called.
9:20PM Eric called and I had to call him back after Miller hung up.
10:00PM Will have to go to the store tomorrow or Wednesday to pick up a few things for Johnathan.

January 16, 2018
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
11:00AM Up and about, took Bella outside.
12:00PM Lunch.
7:00PM Talked to Barb.
9:00PM Watching TV.

January 17, 2018
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
12:00PM Up and about took Bella outside, had some cereal for lunch.
3:00PM Going to bank to get some cash for my trip to Ft. Myers. Went to Harvey's to get some groceries. I won $4.00 on Power Ball so bought a couple power ball tickets for Saturday.
5:00PM Watching The 5 on Fox. Picked up some baked chicken for supper. It was OK but I have had a lot better. It was a little bland. Not seasoned well enough.
6:00PM News is predicting temperatures down to 28 degrees tonight in Lakeland, will have to cover my banana tree. One looks like it is dead but one has a green leaf coming up from the center.
7:00PM Talked to Barb, she told me Iris called and told her Betty Jean Brown fell and broke her hip. She is a rest home in Philippi where her daughter works. I think that must be Becky and I have Becky's telephone number so will try to give her a call tomorrow to find out how Betty is getting along.
8:00PM Text Kit and told her about Betty.
9:00PM Text Eric and he said he would be here tomorrow around 3PM. I covered my banana tree with a box, hoping it won't freeze tonight.

January 18, 2018
1:00AM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.
10:30AM Up and about, took Bella outside, a little breezy and a little cool. I looked at my banana tree and even covered I think the cold got to the one that had the new green leaf.
11:00AM Had some cereal for breakfast/lunch.
11:30AM Received a text from Tyler about asking Bill Reid about help to gt his light sports licenses, so I gave him Bill's phone numbers.
12:00PM Have most of everything I need to take with me to Ft Myers packed away ready to go.
3:15PM Eric and Johnathan arrived.
5:00PM Fixed steak and baked potatoes for supper.
5:30PM Called the number I had listed for Betty Brown's daughter, Becky and it is Broddis Hospital, so they transferred me to Betty Jean. We talked for a while, she is rehabilitation from having her knee replaced. She gave me her direct phone number for the next week. 304 457 8006.
6:00PM Text Kit and told her about Betty and gave her Betty's telephone number.
7:00PM Called Barb and talked for a while and told her about Betty Jean.
9:00PM Watching TV and getting finished up to leave in the morning.
10:00PM Meds, injection, getting ready to go to bed.

January 19, 2018
8:30AM Up and about, took Bella outside.
10:00AM Getting everything packed and in the car. 2:30PM Arrived at DaysInn in Ft Myers. Getting some rest before I have to go to dinner.
5:20ON Arrived at Doc Ford's on the beach. My regular GPS did not know where Doc Ford's was located on Fisherman's Wharf so had to use my cell phone to get me there. No problem.
5:25PM Went into the bar and Jerry and Pat where there at the bar so we had a couple drinks (me coke) and Mike and Guy arrived about 6:00pm and we sat down to dinner. I and Jerry had Sword fish w/mashed sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Mike had oysters on the half shell and don't remember what Pat had but Gay had clam chowder. Great meal, Jerry bought all the drinks, Mike paid for the dinner and I paid the tip.
9:30PM Back at the Hotel, tired so won't stay up very long before I go to bed, getting up at 8am to have breakfast and we are going to meet tomorrow afternoon, going to the Edison & Ford Winter Gardens in northwest Ft Myers.
These three guys are some of the oldest friends. Mike (left)and I (right) see each other atleast once every 5 years but it has been 60 years since I have seen Jerry (center) Mike and Gay are from Pensacola, FL, me of course now in Lakeland,FL and Jerry and Pat are from Ft. Gibson, OK. Some real great people.
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