The Demise of the
Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association

In 2012 there was second Amateur Radio Club established from an old rival club and renamed Central West Virginia Wirless Association. They put a new repeater on the air on 147.165 MHz and the club was developing into a very active club. I felt that the CWVWA was becoming a good club but needed help in getting their organization up and running smoothly, so I joined the CWVWA and remained in the SJARA. i worked with both clubs and attempted to get the two clubs to work together to promote HAMRADIO. The CWVWA and the SJARA did join forces and operate Field Day for two years. In 2014 a small faction of local Hams decided to join the CWVWA and proceded to take control. During 2014 the CWVWA was having trouble with their repeater and the members were asked to donate to buy a new repeater. I stepped up and donated $100.00 and encouraged other members to step up and make up the difference. The repeater cost $500.00 and the amount was reached at one meeting. The new repeater was purchased and put on the air. Then this new faction worked to take over the running of the club and did accomplish their goal. This same faction then to joined the SJARA and to set out to accomplish the same in the SJARA I had descided to just be a member of SJARA and not to intervene since I was planning to sell my home and moving. I gave equipment and shelters with tables for Field Day and did not intend to participate in the 2017 Field Day since I was moving to Florida. I attended my last meeting of SJARA in May of 2017. What I didn't know is that plans were being made in the new group to disolve the SJARA . A meeting was held in July 2017 and the meeting was only attended by the officers and it was voted and and a decision was made to desolve SJARA take all money, equipment, and membership and transfer all to the CWVWA As far as I know, they stoled the money in the treasury ($900.00 plus) and donated it to CWVWA and, of course, they accepted it. All members of SJARA were accepted in the CWVWA but had to apply and be accepted. The SJARA Web Site was taken down and the Stonewall Jackson Amateur Radio Association was no longer after 39 years of active Amateur Radio.

How can a defunked club hold a vanity callsign?
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June 1, 2018